Honest, unashamed and intimate; Adam Kharita makes music which speaks to the times we live in. The struggles and triumphs of the modern world, distilled through influences of jazz, folk, blues and soul and delivered with his signature velvety croon. 

Practically born at the piano, Adam was brought up on the modern maestros of the instrument; Elton, Billy, Stevie and Norah. Fascinated by the attitude and finesse that these greats weaved into their stories, by the time he was a teenager, and well into his 10,000 hours, he began writing his own compositions. As he grew so did his musical appetite. Now with a guitar also by his side, further inspiration from the likes of Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, and Jamie Cullum would only deepen his love of harmony and arrangement. 

As a professional performer, Adam has spent the last decade cutting his teeth for crowds at weddings, functions and venues across the globe. Now finally in 2020, he brings his original music out into the open for all to hear. With huge admiration for contemporary artists like Bruno Major, Rex Orange County, and Emily King, Adam's music parades rich harmony, bold melodies and lyrics that lead you by the hand through stories thoughtfully told. 

Adam Kharita's debut EP, 'Catch and Release' will be available everywhere starting with the first single, 'Lightning' launching on August 20 . With a neo-soul flare and a chorus that commands the room, 'Lightning' kicks off the EP with an energy and drive perfect for summer.